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Saturday, August 20, 2005 Mohammed Cartoons courtesy of Michelle Malkin>
JUST ONE MINUTE...wrong and proud of it.
All along Just One Minute has been trying to put the kibosh on the
Able Danger story and when you wish for something hard enough you sometimes see things that aren't there. Had they waited to gloat they might have found the partial transcripts that pointed out the problem with this included quote on Just One Minute's site. Question does the Just One Minute site want this story to be false???

Had they read just a bit farther down in the article they might have wondered if it was Lt Col Shaffer who was being unclear or if it was Foxnews that was being unclear. Course had they read just a bit further their story might have just evaporated...credibility.

Shaffer said in an interview on FOX News' "Hannity and Colmes" Thursday night that he and a fellow officer — a Navy captain — briefed the commission on Able Danger's findings.

"The fact is this — they were told not once but twice," he said.

Although Shaffer conceded that during his own personal briefing of Sept. 11 commission staffers in Afghanistan in Oct. 2003, he didn't specifically name the terrorists.
This elicits this gloating post from Just One Minute:
Lt. Col. Shaffer, a key source for Able Danger info, has changed his story:
A week earlier, when the Commission was revising their story about what they knew and when they knew it, we got this blast from Congressman Weldon:
And yet just a few sentences down in the same exact article Lt Col Shaffer is quoted thusly.
Shaffer also claims that Able Danger members were basically dissuaded from further investigating Atta because he was here as a foreign visitor. He said a two-star general above him was "very adamant" about not looking further at Atta.

"I was directed several times [to ignore Atta], to the point where he had to remind me he was a general and I was not ... [and] I would essentially be fired," Shaffer told FOX News.
Ah so then Atta's name was data mined by Able Danger, which makes it very probable that Atta's name and possibly his photograph were on the chart Rep Weldon gave to Steven Hadley in the Whitehouse on September 22, 2001.

But in regards to the 9/11 Omission Commission Lt Col Shaffer is more accurately quoted in the transcript of the Hannity Colmes show here.

LT. COL. ANTHONY SHAFFER, ABLE DANGER TEAM MEMBER: Well, I don't know how they can overlook that, because the fact is this: They were told not once but twice by a fellow officer, a Navy captain, later on in 2004.

In my October discussion with him, I did not discuss the names of the terrorists. I'm not saying that. I never said that. I did talk about the fact that we found three cells through the use of some advanced technology, two to three cells which conducted 9/11 attacks, to include Atta.

Now, that was the only name I remembered. You have to understand, I was in Afghanistan deployed. I didn't have my documents with me. I didn't have the background. So during this discussion, it was using some notes that I put together myself, based on my memory as talking points, and I discussed the fact that Able Danger (search) was able to use data mining techniques, that were at the time cutting-edge, to merge out of this information data.
That selective quoting thingy can get you in trouble eh Just One Minute? Sure sounds to me as if he gave the Commission all it needed to dig down further. That they did not is story enough even had Shaffer NOT given them Atta's name. They simply were not interested in actually getting down to the bottom of the story of how our government failed to protect us. Their Job One. Instead the Omission Commission was more interested in covering up how the government failed. Blame had to be shifted around till everyone and no one was to blame, till so many shared the blame that no one could be held responsible.

Ultimately we the people are the primary cause of our government failing. We didn't pay attention, we are still not paying attention. Rep Curt Weldon has the failing of trying to be too partisan but nevertheless he is still doing more to correct the situation than those whose job it was to identify the problems. And both the left and right do us no favors by trying to quash this story and help the Government cover its ass.
JustOneMinute: Shaffer Named Terrorists On A No-Name Basis
More from the Captain who gets it far more right than wrong than any other site.
Decision 08 gets it all wrong...

UPDATE #1 Sauntered over to NRO and was happy to see jim geraghty still trying to spin this away from embarrassing the Bush Administration. Let me explain. If Able Danger did indeed identify several of the hijackers as has been claimed, then President Bush's administration was aware of this fact because of the Chart that Rep Curt Weldon gave them. They had a responsibility to force this out into the open since a whole host of issues arise from the mishandling of that information by the Alphabet agencies responsible for our safety. President Bush apparently does not want the blame to fall where it should, on our government. President Bush apparently does not have the stomach for that battle. We must force the issue, exactly as Rep Curt Weldon has asked in his explosive book. Countdown to Terror: The Top-Secret Information that Could Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack on America... and How the CIA has Ignored it

UPDATE #2 Couple of people simply cannot dispense with binary thinking. This is not either a Democrat or Republican problem the war on terror is all of our problems. And if the party that I have sent so much money to these last 30 years really truly believes that it has this Country's security at heart they will stop trying to blame Clinton for all the failure, even though... It simply is crying over spilt milk, move on and make sure that no one can point the finger of idiocy at us 5 years down the road. Right now our intelligence agencies are STILL messed up. Witness that goofball book released by Anonymous Imperial Hubris written and released while this fruitcake was still working for the CIA. Great the CIA enters politics and conservatives are trying to make Rep Curt Weldon out to be the bad guy when he fingers them for incompetence?

This sort of attitude is driven by a lack of seriousness regarding who we are fighting. Arrogance goes before the fall and we are arrogant enough for 20 nations. Let us not forget what we have suffered so far in this war.

Our intelligence services need a serious attitude adjustment and it appears that President Bush simply is not prepared to administer it. Witness the continued idiocy of the FBI.
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Pierre Legrand @ 8/20/2005 01:25:00 PM
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