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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 Mohammed Cartoons courtesy of Michelle Malkin>
The Right Wing Blogsphere goes wobbly
Coulter joins the rest in attacking Sheehan as if this is more important than the scandal of ABLE DANGER! Disappointed. A commenter asks how Bush would have known of Able Danger and the answer is Rep Curt Weldon gave him the chart that Able Danger had given Curt Weldon that showed the links and the work of Able Danger. The Bush administration knew of Able Danger and should have forced the 9/11 Commission to comment on it.

Wild Speculation Alert some of the following may be the result of wild speculation. Consider that speculation can be judged both by the premises that underlie the speculation and in time by the results of those predictions. I have formed a hypothesis and the following flows from that hypothesis.

In the military men and women, risk their lives to uphold honor and our right to decide to live how we please. In journalism men and women, risk their standing and credibility to publish stories, their spot on the cocktail circuit if you will. This disparity of penalties does not always seem to strike many journalists as a wide gulf. However, to us on the sidelines the differences can be ugly and when evident paint the journalists in the harshest light of such a terrible flaw as cowardice.

This is no more evident on the right side of the blogsphere than the story of Rep Curt Weldon and the Able Danger story. Rep Curt Weldon is an unlikely character to treat as an irrational Cassandra but that is exactly the way many on the right are attempting to dismiss his warnings. As Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee to believe that he is some sort tin foil beanie cap wearing flake is the believe the worst of our very own Republican Leaders in Congress. If this is true then all is indeed lost. If our leaders actually place into power of the most important House Committee’s, people who some portray as being liars and a half step away from believing that they have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by aliens, then we may as well surrender now.

However, this has not stopped some journalists on the right from sounding as if their paymaster is the US Intelligence Bureaucracy. The US Intelligence Bureaucracy is still fighting a life and death struggle for its very life against people that Rep Curt Weldon calls his allies. Moreover, in the best traditions of Stalin those agencies when attacked attempt to brand their enemies as lunatics deserving of reprogramming.

Journalists live for their sources and those sources by and large are not on the fringe the higher up the food chain we find journalists. Instead, those sources are the very mainstream of the Government Bureaucracy and having those journalists, who depend on them for stories, publishing the attacks of those who are attacking the body rightfully strikes those government sources as disloyal. In short a great way to lose that government source is to attack the body that bureaucrat calls home. This tends to act as a buffer between the Government and accountability by having journalists funneled down the avenue their regular sources drive them out of self-protection.

Now if we are to believe such luminaries as Jim Geraghty, John Podhoretz and others on the right Rep Curt Weldon is one of the refugee’s from experiments by aliens. If it is odd to see those on the right defending the government one only has to remember that President Bush has avoided since 9/11 actually finding anyone at fault for the single greatest failure of our Government to fulfill its primary responsibility to the citizenry that of preserving and protecting us.

Indeed though it is too foolish to believe in a conspiracy, all the ants did indeed push in the same direction for a variety of motives leading to the same conclusion. To avoid helping President Bush the MSM stopped showing us video of the attacks which helped dim the anger we should have felt towards a Government that failed. Their aim was to portray the war on terror as being an overreaction and to do that we had to calm down, watching videos of people jumping out of buildings was not deemed to be an effective way to calm down the populace. The Democrats did not desire to open investigations that might actually find out where the laxities occurred since one of their primary heroes would be terribly damaged and the credibility of their future candidates would be linked to such failures, mindful as they are of their poor polls on security issues. The Republicans were reluctant to open investigations simply because they realized that such a dreadful failure of the Government exposed would lead to awful repercussions with the overall populace that no one could predict where it might lead. Finally for Republicans when the leader of your party is the President and he believes in not holding people to account you tend to follow his lead.

This confluence of goals led to the 9/11 commission being horribly compromised right from the beginning. In hindsight, given what we know now, the moment that Jamie Gorelick was asked to serve on the commission the game was fixed. The game was fixed in favor of finding no fault with those who were primarily responsible for not stopping the greatest single mass slaughter of our citizens, our government. Sadly, enough all the parties had to agree on this fixing of the game, President Bush because he knew of the charges of Rep Curt Weldon who delivered the findings of Able Danger two weeks after 9/11 to the President’s Assistant Director of National Security Steven Hadley. The Democrats who would have known from their contacts inside of the Clinton Administration of the findings of Able Danger and a press that was unwilling to actually do investigative work against the government primarily responsible for not stopping the tragedy if that investigative work damaged either or both the Democrats or the Government.

Jamie Gorelick found herself, by coincidence we are to believe, in the exact perfect position to stop any questions as to why Able Danger intelligence was not used to save us. Indeed she was, by coincidence in the exact spot in the world that allowed her to cut short any questions, stifle any debate as to exactly what the hell was our primary protector doing to protect us back when we still had a chance to avoid being mass murdered. By coincidence she was also in fact the primary obstruction between Able Danger and the avoidance of the massive murder of 9/11, since she authored the very memo used to shut down contact between Able Danger and the FBI. Coincidences like that do not happen by chance.

Because of the outstanding work of Rep Curt Weldon, we have cut through the fog to find out that instead of our government being entirely a waste of our money there were some organizations that displayed the sort of competence so widely assumed by popular theatre but seldom seen in reality. Instead of the fancy wristwatches, exploding cigars, poison umbrellas and fancy cars with passenger seats that eject unwanted guests, we see a group of people making use of open source documents to successfully name Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi a full year prior to 9/11. This group of men and women from Military Intelligence, the oxymoronic joke now being on others, out investigated the FBI, out spy’d the CIA and out thought the entire bureaucracy of the Government for a fraction of the cost. That would be reason enough were embarrassment not a bigger reason for the CIA and others to want to shut down the story of Able Danger.

Instead of being hailed as a hero for doing their job as journalists, we have journalists on the right ridiculing Rep Curt Weldon. We see the same sorts challenging the honor of our servicemen as if throwing ones career away could be done as lightly as those same journalists throw insults around. We see journalists on the right who are supposed to know better actually believing that the Republican Leadership would install a liar and nut job as Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee how else to explain their almost immediate dismissal of Rep Curt Weldon’s story because of questions raised by a story in that pillar of truth Time magazine. They question the honor of Naval officers but not the honesty of Time Magazine. They question the motives of the Republican Vice Chairman of the Armed Services committee but not the motives of the 9/11 committee. They question the sincerity of the release of a book detailing and recording for history the same Vice Chairman’s views on Iran but do not question the sincerity of the appointment of Jane Gorelick to the 9/11 commission. With friends like these who needs the left. Our side is doing all of their heavy lifting to protect what? A government that failed utterly in its primary duty to protect us from the sorts of harm that Iran has proven to want to deliver to us? But they at least talked about the issues.

What of the others on the right side of the blogsphere who avoided the story like the plague? What of LGF’s Charles Johnson who avoided the story for a week then in his first mention decided it ranked up there in credibility with Black Helicopters? What of Drudge who mentions the slightest story about 9/11 but stayed as far away from this story as possible never once mentioning it? What drove those sites to those positions? Are they truly not concerned with National Security? Michelle Malkin wrote about the story then moved on to other pressing stories like whether Cindy Sheehan was getting divorced or not, whether NARAL was a bunch of freaks or not. As if any of those stories will mean much if our country lies in ruins because we were not vigilant enough to prevent the next disaster.

When the heros of this story are brought together to stand besides Rep Curt Weldon and DIA Ltn. Col. Tony Shaffer in exposing what our weaknesses were prior to 9/11 we will see such stalwart defenders of this country like Captain Ed, Andrew McCarthy, and oddly enough the New York Times. To find conservative Journalists on the wrong side of a story opposite the NYT is amusing indeed. What has Rep Curt Weldon accomplished in his career so far outstrips his critics that there was never much fear of the story dying but we must also thank those bloggers and the NYT’s who drove it when he ran out of options. Consider that he, not John Podhoretz is considered the ally of the Able Danger crew, consider that Rep Weldon not Jim Geraghty actually has been able to expose the 9/11 commission as the fraud it was. They decided to take the safe route and perhaps if justice is served will pay the price in their credibility. I know that the last failure of nerve on the conservative side was also found at the National Review when Rich Lowery caved in to pressure from CAIR and removed two books which have since been returned to the shelves of NRO Book Service. NRO needs to do a gut check, but at least this time many others on the right need to check their guts as well. Courage is not just a word in the dictionary it’s the example one sets each day. These days will stand as some of the most important days in our history. All of us will stand naked before the judgement of history to see whether we stood for the defense of our country or the defense of a bureaucracy gone bad. I am proud to stand besides such giants as Rep Curt Weldon, Ltn. Col Tony Shaffer, Captain Ed, and ironically the New York Times against those forces who would destroy us.
Captain's Quarters
Captain's Quarters
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Pierre Legrand @ 8/17/2005 12:32:00 AM
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