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e3 Questions from you to me to them.....then back...<VBG>
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For those that don't know...I am putting together a list of questions that all of us want to have answered by the developers. Obviously since I'm a PINK FLAMINGO PILOT <VBG> alot will be about Flanker 2.0 but hey I want to see other sims so it is allowed to ask about other products. Please email me at plegrand@earthlink.net with the questions you want to see answered and I will try.

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Here are some questions about Flanker 2.0 from Lobo

1) Will the Kuznetsov steam about?
2) Will the carrier's deck pitch and roll?
3) Which versions of the Su-27 will the player get to fly?  Will the Su-27K
(Su-33) be available?
4) Will mid-air refueling be available?
5) If the Su-33 is available will the player be able to carry the centerline
buddy refueling pack?
6)  Who will the player be able to hear/communicate with via voice? AWACS to
player, player to wingman, wingmen to player, ground tower to player, radio
static, possible multiple channels. ATC, Tactical, SAR etc.
7) Will the player have the option of starting engines? and starting from
the ramp/parking areas, rather than on the runway?
8) Will the missile range vs altitude inaccuracy be corrected?
9)  Will there be overcast type of cloud? If so will the player be able to
use these clouds to his advantage. ie: by diving into the overcast to evade
enemy fighters and infra-red missiles etc.
10) What new wingman commands will there be?
11) Will Flanker 2.0 include a nice high quality paper manual? thick, and
full of info?
12) Will there be a nice paper map included?
13) Will there be some form of built in chat mode in the program so players
can communicate while setting up/playing flanker over modem/net/Lan?

Some more questions regarding Flanker 2.0 from Bas

1)Will we finally be able to use the ILS for its intended purposes :-)
meaning: If clouds and/or fog are modeled, what are the minimum values?
Does weather affect performance of (IR)missiles?
2)Will the player still be able to set temperature and pressure in 2.0?
3)Are the bugs (mentioned in Redshifts FAQ) squashed?
4)Are 'controlled crashes' possible? (i.e. can you land on roads).
5)Are navaids available? (russian counterparts of TACAN/ADF)
6)Will damage be random or based on location of hits?
7)Is the player able to assign his own keystrokes for all the cockpit
functions (including views etc.)?
8)If possible, post a picture with the 'polygon-style' graphics option
enabled (1024*768)! (that should get the 'buzz' going on usenet <VBG>)
9)Will the manual (hopefully *not* spiral-bound) include an "Index"? I
find that these spiral thingies tend to tear pages. After years of
abuse, the original Flanker manual is still in one piece.

Michael "Loophole" Barnes wonders aloud...<VBG> nice Callsign BTW...

1. Will multiple players be able to join at the same airbase at the
   same time without destroying each other on the threshold?
2. How will the dynamic campaign work?  (my guess is something like
   the RMG, but with 'intelligence').
   2a. Will there be resource management. (fuel, weapons, a/c, pilots)?
   2b. Will you be able to attack supply and communications infrastructure
      with appropriate effect?
   2c. Will we be able to close a runway for longer than 10 minutes?
   2d. Will we have 'careers' and pilot's logs?
   2e. How much control will we have over the missions in the dynamic campaign?
3. How will the AI be improved?
   3a. Will we still be able to bait enemy a/c into hornets nests?
   3b. Will AI flights call for help?
   3c. Will they run away if outnumbered?
   3d. Do they use their radars?
   3e. Do they still have ESP?
   3f. Do they have blind spots?  Can they loose tally?
4. Weapons systems etc.
   4a. Has the modelling of countermeasures been changed?
   4b. Jamming of air radars?
   4c. Launching Kh31's even if the target radar does not actualy have you
       locked up?
   4d. Do missile ranges increase as launch altitude increases?
5. Mission Planner; what will the improvements be (other than purely
   visual ones)