Eight great tips for natural skin care

Eight great tips for natural skin care

Skin is a very important and visible part of our body. It is a kind of protective coating on our entire body parts.

When we care and look after all our bodies, our skin needs a little more care because it is directly in contact with the external environment like dirt, dust and sun. Harmful chemicals, which our contaminated air contains and bad water is a cause of harmful skin before time.

So you have to care about your skin well and should do a daily routine to pamper your skin to protect it from premature aging and harmful skin disease.

Skin is affected by both external and internal factors. External is direct contact with harmful UV rays, dirt and dust and internally due to wrong eating habits.

Your body is what you eat but it is very determined by genes and you can have a bad skin due to hormonal imbalance of a certain age but eat all the wrong foods because all oily and spicy foods can damage your skin. Which can not be recovered only through external care.

For a good light skin care here are some tips:

  • First, keep your skin clean. Rather than using soap on the face, it is better to use mild skin skin skin wash as oily to oily skin, dry to dry and combination for the combination. One can use our home methods for a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. You can use rose water, lemon juice and fruit juices to clean and dry the skin. It will give a refreshing look to its skin. If the skin is dry than you can use a pinch of milk cream and a drop of lemon juice on it, mix and rub the skin and then wash. Which is very good to clean the skin.
  • Then drink a lot of liquids. To have a good and healthy skin, you should drink a lot of water that is said to be at least 8-10 glasses of water in one day and some skin and health experts say that it should be proportional to your weight as per 10 kg of One should drink a liter of water, so if the weight is 60 then the person should drink 6 liters of water. Which can also be replaced with fruit juices.
  • Always apply sunscreen on the skin. Never sunblock without applying sunscreen, which protects your skin against harmful UV rays. Which are known to provide even skin cancer. It damages the skin and makes it sunburnt, gives stains, burn mask and pigmentation, which can never heal 100%. So it is better to apply the correct sunscreen on the skin to save the skin from early aging.
  • Avoid all unhealthy food if the skin already suffers from bad spots or pimples. Even caffeine drinks are harmful to the skin. Too much consumption of tea, coffee, saturated drinks damages the skin. Smoking is a very important factor in damaging the skin. It makes the skin dry, makes it matte and gives puffiness on the face. Drinking alcohol is not good for the skin. So if you can not stop consuming all these things completely, you can at least get them in measure to help the skin to be young and healthy.
  • If you do not get the proper time to take care of your skin as full time working people, take care that they can take care of their skin in a very good way with little effort from there. Working people should keep moist tissues in their purses and purses to wipe their face to remove dirt and sweat when they can not wash their face again and again. Apply sunscreen when it is at home and apply mild moisturizer to the skin while doing something else. Even in the night before you lay down, wash your face, keep it clean, remove any make-up if you had applied your face and then apply a good moisture according to the skin type.
  • You can judge the skin type in the morning. As in the morning without washing your face, wipe the face with a tissue paper, if there is a lot of oil on the nose and the chin is the skin t-zone, if there is oil over the face, the skin is oily if it is dry and somewhere oily then is the combination skin and if there is no oil effect on the skin, the skin is dry and youre lucky if the skin is perfect, neither oil nor dryness.
  • If skin is prone to pimples and acne, give it a little more care. To clean the skin more often, apply medicated soap and lotions. One should check it with a dermatologist as well as dandruff in the hair and scalp or some hormonal changes can also be a cause of a bad skin. Never squeeze or squeeze pimples or acne or try to remove the black head on its own because it will destroy the skin more and will give the permanent scar.
  • You should avoid too much make-up on the skin as if you care about your skin and keep it fresh and clean, you would definitely not have to make up for it to look good. However, if you had applied makeup on your skin at any time, clean it as soon as you get home. Allow the skin to breathe without smearing it. You can use baby oil, baby lotion or mild cleansing milk on the skin to remove the traces of makeup.

So you can get a glowing and healthy skin by giving it a little care and can keep your skin away from black heads, pimples, spots and pigmentation.

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