How to choose natural skin care products that are safe and effective?

How to choose natural skin care products that are safe and effective?

Here it starts to be difficult. You see, many so-called natural or organic skin care products are in reality none of that kind of thing. Adding a minuscule amount of aloe vera to water does not constitute a comprehensive natural skin care product. It can be natural or even organic, but it will not be effective and is therefore waste of your money.

For example, to have an effective aloe vera product, it requires that at least 10% of the total content is aloe vera. Or aloe vera must be combined with several other active natural ingredients combined to achieve a specific result.

The term Organic is another area where consumers are misled. Adding a single organic ingredient and then calling the organic products is simply wrong. You watch commercials on television and newspapers everyday ... xyzprodukt contains organic and organic it ... but there is no mention of other ingredients found in these products, many of which have been found to be dangerous to our health.

There is another problem with natural skin care products, it is a confusion and potentially misleading. Ask yourself what exactly is natural? What is meant by the term natural?

The word natural congresses brings up pictures of nature - untouched environments that make us feel good. A safe, natural environment that contributes to health and well-being. Spring water, waterfalls, pristine lakes, healthy salads, rainforests, etc. are all pictures that we perceive as natural or, in other words, good for us.

The cosmetic industry has discontinued this and uses the word naturally to put in their ads a sense of well-being and the thought that this product is good for us. Unfortunately, one or two natural ingredients do not make a natural skin care product ... Far from it, natural skin care products should not contain any ingredients that are not naturally occurring. This leads us to another problem with natural skin care products.

A naturally produced ingredient, like the various forms of paraben, can still be potentially dangerous. Just think of it - would you put arsenic or lead on your skin? No, you would not. But they are natural, so what's the problem? Natural substances can also be fatal toxins.

If you apply this to skin care products, you may be looking for a product that is natural and contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) that we can help remove dead skin cell layers, which in turn helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles and reveals new living skin.

Now you can buy a product listed as one of its ingredients AHA, it may also contain AHA in its name, or you can buy a product containing a concentrate called papain, which is a natural substance from the papay fruit. So, yes, papain is natural and yes, this product may, depending on other ingredients, be called a natural skin care product. However, papain is a concentrate and as such many have had side effects because papain is present in too high concentration for some people.

A true natural natural skin care product would not contain papain as an extract. It would rather contain Papaya fruit. You see, the whole fruit still contains papain, but it also contains other ingredients in papaya that change the papain's excessive effect. Choosing such a product will at least greatly reduce any side effects from papain, as the product is naturally balanced and contains naturally balanced ingredients that will benefit your skin instead of burning it.

The result of removing fine lines and wrinkles may take a bit longer but overall, you reduce the risk of burning your skin with a concentrated AHA. Remember, AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid and we all know that acids burn our skin.

How to use natural skin care products?

The following instructions

This is actually much more important than most think. User's Guide is a communication from the manufacturer of a product to its consumers about how to use and get the best results from a particular product.

It has been our experience that most people who buy our natural skin care products do not read the instructions and use our products in the same way they have used their previous brand. However, this can be the right way to use our products.

Correctly formulated products contain ingredients in sufficient quantities to achieve the desired effect if used in accordance with product directions. Using more does not mean better or faster results, but using too much can have negative effects or no more effect than the smaller quantity.

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